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Play Blocks


Pixie Room

The Pixie room consists of a large spacious playroom and unique baby garden. We offer a stimulating and homely atmosphere for all of the babies in our care.

The Pixie baby room is situated at the end of our three play rooms. We provide a range of activities and equipment to help with all areas of development; these vary from is also space to encourage a wide range of creative activities such as water, messy and sensory play. Staff regularly monitor each child's development throughout their time in our Pixie room concentrating on the prime areas of development through interests and next steps.

The Nursery provides a cosy area with cots or sleep mats for babies to sleep in while the peaceful environment helps to settle them off to sleep. Babies enjoy a delicious lunch of fresh pureed vegetables and fruit and we begin to introduce other foods according to each baby's needs. All bottles are provided by parents and stored in our milk fridge. The experienced staff ensures that all babies' needs are met throughout the day by communicating closely with parents.

Munchkins Room

The Munchkins room caters for six children. It is joined onto a lovely covered outdoor area which is the extension of the learning environment. The children get plenty of time outside in a spacious play area too.

The room offers a variety of child led resources covering all areas of learning creating a stimulating and exciting area to explore. Staffs are there to help further skills with positive interactions levels. Children feel safe and secure in a soft environment with quiet areas to help transition from the baby room.

Staffs liaise with parents about the settling period and transition from room to room. Previous key workers ensure that there is enough information about each child and their interests and learning capabilities so that the staff are fully aware of all needs and can plan the environment around this.

Gnomes Room

The Gnomes toddler room is situated in the middle of our four rooms. With a partition separating the Gnomes room with the Elves room, the children benefit from exploring a different environment and mixing with other friends.

The room is full of toys and equipment for the children to play and learn. The staff observe and support the children playing and interacting and are therefore able to plan activities to support next stages of development. Children are encouraged to gain a range of self-help skills like recognising their name and putting their shoes on.

The room also has its own toilet and nappy changing facilities to meet the needs of all potty training children.

Elves Room

The Elves room is split into two groups. This enables the children to have short, small group sessions daily and gives the children opportunities to work and play together in the room. Staff observe and assess the children in their play and then plan for each child's next steps accordingly.

There are an excellent range of toys and equipment for the children to enjoy and explore. This helps to make learning fun and successful for all. For children starting school in September, we liaise with future schools during the summer term and have regular school transition planning evenings with parents.

We aim to create a smooth transition from the nursery into school for each child.