Giant Steps Day Nursery
Rooms at Downton


The Pixie room consists of a large spacious playroom and unique baby garden. We offer a stimulating and homely atmosphere for all of the babies in our care.

The Pixie baby room is situated at the end of our three play rooms. We provide a range of activities and equipment to help with all areas of development; these vary from is also space to encourage a wide range of creative activities such as water, messy and sensory play. Staff regularly monitor each child’s development throughout their time in our Pixie room concentrating on the prime areas of development through interests and next steps.

The Nursery provides a cosy area with cots or sleep mats for babies to sleep in while the peaceful environment helps to settle them off to sleep. Babies enjoy a delicious lunch of fresh pureed vegetables and fruit and we begin to introduce other foods according to each baby’s needs. All bottles are provided by parents and stored in our milk fridge. The experienced staff ensures that all babies’ needs are met throughout the day by communicating closely with parents.